Constable Nedd on Patrol

Constable Nedd on Patrol


A Caregiver

There are more than 40 million adult caregivers in the United States – one of the most demanding roles in life.  Time management, emotional and physical stress, financial strain, sleep deprivation, isolation – NOT EASY. 

A common scenario is a family with an older parent and multiple siblings, where everyone is trying to keep track of what is going on. With My Body Passport™ Classic’s clear magnet on the fridge, its easy to find and grab it to take with the elder person to any appointment.  A simple way to communicate within families and with healthcare providers, and to keep track of the key doctors and details.

A California based Special Needs group home chose My Body Passport™ for the residents and staff alike.  A simple way for the residents to carry key information with them while out on their own, and for staff to be prepared for the unexpected.