Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use this for my kids?

Yes, it is a great way for parents to keep track of the whole family's health, including vaccinations and office visits, from birth on up.

Will it work for my aging parents?

Yes, all their medications, existing conditions, various doctors and appointment histories are readily accessible.

Can I take it with me to my appointments?

Yes, the book was designed and reviewed by doctors with the patient and the health specialist in mind.  You will improve the effectiveness of your care by bringing your health records, being able to discuss specifics with your doctor, and recording the visit outcomes and next steps.

How big is the My Body Passport™: Classic?

The My Body Passport Classic™ is 5  x 8 inches with a slightly larger, 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch magnetized plastic protective sleeve. Think about a 5 x 8 picture frame, that’s about what you can expect. Though the Classic is bigger than the Adventure, it is still much smaller than your filing cabinet full of medical paperwork. It fits snugly in any purse, backpack, or briefcase.

How big is the My Body Passport™: Adventure?

The My Body Passport™: Adventure  is 3.5 x 5 inches, the same size as your National Passport.  When you are backpacking and every ounce counts, the Adventure is the best use of your space.