Witby, England

Witby, England




There are a couple of things you have to do before hiking the Andes Mountains — and putting a new spin on the concept of a passport is apparently among them.

Wendy Coulson, of State College, was sitting in a hospital attempting to help fill out paperwork for a friend who had been given morphine — it was slow goings.

That’s when she got the idea for the “My Body Passport™,” a journal where people could record all of their pertinent medical information in the event of a crisis at home or on the road.


Professional Organizer, Janet Taylor, hosts “Got Clutter? Get Organized” on blog Talk Radio.  

Listen in to her show interviewing Dr. Wendy Coulson - Organizing your health records.


Don Rodgers, host of Colorado Emergency Prep Radio, interviews Drs. Laura Coulson and Wendy Coulson. 

 When most hear the words “emergency preparedness” a large scale catastrophic event comes to mind; an earthquake, a tornado, the loss of the power grid, or even someone’s favorite doomsday scenario. While all those meet the definition, the truth is an emergency can be a family member falling down the stairs and knowing what to do before emergency services arrives can save their lives because each of us are our own first responders. It’s becoming more self-sufficient through something as common as gardening being a huge help in the event of a job loss or helping out family members in times of need. The possible situations we can find ourselves in goes on and on.

Confidence in accurate, secure monitoring of you or your loved ones' health..
Leaving home for extended travel? Don't forget to pack your My Body Passport,. your medical records history for peace of mind.