My Body Passport: Classic

The original My Body Passport™, the most comprehensive, designed to be used for multiple years of records and tracking. 


Fridge magnet

Includes a heavy-duty clear book jacket/holder magnetized for the fridge. Always know where your My Body Passport™ is at home, and super easy to take with you when you travel. Did you know? First responders are trained to look for medical information on a refrigerator!


Health Maintenance

All you need to do is answer the question and check the box. Super easy to update and super easy to read. Pre-labeled check boxes and smart user friendly labels were created to make your My Body Passport™ easy to use, both to keep track of your own health and also to communicate to others as needed.



There are many conditions that are often misunderstood by the general population, and Parkinson’s is one of them.  In the event of an emergency, it is essential that first responders know your background, your medications, and how your condition manifests.  My Body Passport™ is your way of communicating about your body, personally.  And, even if you have no major health conditions to report, that information is also relevant to a first responder, traveling companion, or new physician, etc.