Grand Canyon National Park  Photo by Keegan Axtell

Grand Canyon National Park

Photo by Keegan Axtell



Finally, you are off on an adventure, off the beaten path, maybe going from hostel to hostel, meeting new friends and then…something unexpected happens, to you or a companion…and there is a need to get medication, go to urgent care, or replenish a prescription (could even be losing your glasses) …what will you do? And if it’s in the middle of your trip, how will you remember what happened in case there is a relapse? Or when you return home how will you relay the information to your healthcare provider?

Don’t travel without…

  • Passport-sized vital health records for your adventure or anytime you're on the go

  • Your most personal & comprehensive listing of health records and medical records

  • Records that are pocket sized & easy to carry; includes plastic passport holder

  • Simple to update, pre-filled medical terms, smart layout and checkbox simple records

  • Details of all your allergies, medications, immunizations, medical conditions, surgical & family history

“I came across this simple idea for my teammates, and in all actuality for anyone who travels anywhere in the world.

As someone who climbs in countries around the world I know this it’s possible that I might find myself in a situation where I need medical attention. In an emergency it’s hard to remember everything the doctors, emergency responders, or other health care professionals need to know. Prescriptions, immunizations, allergies, health care providers, insurance information, emergency notifications or directives and this is just scratching the surface. This one little booklet “My Body Passport” is perfect.”
— Enzo S.
”One of the little pleasures I get is often the surprises waiting for me when I return home. Usually it something I ordered and promptly forgot until the day it arrives. Yesterday I had a REAL surprise. My Body Passport is genuis in its simple but very effective design. What initially struck me is 1. It requires no battery, passwords, or computer to access. Its completely paper based. 2. Living alone AND traveling for living, I can REALLY use this. What is this? IT has provided and guided me through the painless process of putting ALL my pertinent medical and health information in one very quickly accessible format. I’m fortunate to not have any allergies or serious health issues, but its just as important for first responders to know THAT as it is anything else. I’ll keep it with my regular passport when I travel and when I’m at home, it stays in its sleeve on the side of my fridge, which is the first place first responders would probably look. I was not asked nor was I paid to endorse this product. I just like it and will be getting one for each of my family members.”
— Profession Private Jet Pilot (and My Body Passport™ customer)